It’s Alive!

Hey guys, welcome to the beginnings of my first ever blog: My Living Fiction. He’s alive, but he’s still just a newborn. Who knows what the little guy will become? With his infinite potential, the possibilities are limitless.

Just look at him… The little guy could grow up to be a Superhero one day, or a President. A blog can be whatever it puts its mind to. Though, truth be told, he’s just as likely to end up in the madhouse as the White House. But whether he dawns a red cape, a black suit, or a white straight-jacket, this blog is going to be interesting. The coolest thing about a place dedicated to the whims of the imagination and the mind is that it’s personalized and ever-changing. That is what I want from My Living Fiction.

It takes a community to raise a blog, so I’m going to need your help. As My Living Fiction grows, I want it to be shaped by the thoughts and creativity of an entire community, not just my own. I think that’s the difference that can set this blog apart from the pack. I want to get inspiration from the stories of my readers, in addition to my own experience. As My Living Fiction becomes more established, perhaps the blog can take it a step further, becoming a place to show off reader art, music, and poetry.

But first, baby steps…

For now, I’ll bring the effort and the updates. Hopefully the readers will follow. :)

Head on over to the About page for more details on my vision.
Never hesitate to let me know what you think.


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