Candles in the Snow

Hopefully this short poem tides everyone over until next Thursday when I will post my next Short Story. Candles in the Snow tells the story of a frozen romance…

Candles in the Snow

We sat slouched on the thick
of a downed Black Oak
in the snow, staring out
over a lonely blanket of white.
The hidden, barren field,
once vibrant in greens,
slept dormant and still
under a sea of ivory waves.
And under the dangling legs
of two would-be lovers,
rested a world meant only to be watched.

As the wind whistled its wintry refrain,
pluffs of powder swirled
and danced in the current, rising
to waltz with the blowing breeze–
a lover’s ball in which we could not partake.
I longed to dance with her,
out in the wonderland
of crystalline dust– to dance
like the fateful unions
Of wisps and wind-gusts.

Oftentimes we sat huddled,
here on our makeshift bench
in the biting wind, drawn together
by the warmth of our bodies.
But today the wind had fashioned
a vacuous space between us,
bidding us– with chilled arms wrapped
tight around our own bosoms–
to watch instead the romance
of the breeze and drifting snow plumes.
Usually the warmth from her breath
could keep me cozy in even
the most numbing temperatures—
this day, her lips were sealed with
iced-over empathy, and I was
bitter cold.

Our bowed heads bent our
arching vision down and away,
toward the sparkling meadow.
When at last she cast her empty gaze
upon me, the way she stared through
sent prickly icicles down my spine.
Her eyes were blue beads, shining
cold and harsh in the crisp, clear air.
But what had extinguished the blistering blue
flame that used to burn so vivid hot,
deep within her iris?

I desperately yearned to drape
my arm across her shoulders,
to pull her close
in compassionate embrace.
I pined for a rekindling
of fire and sharing of heat
in this lonely and empty tundra.
But it was too cold;
the biting wind stung my fingers,
and I knew she would be more frosty than the air.

I wondered if time would thaw
our frozen love, as it would the frozen
field in Spring. But spells
spent in icy bitterness
will fracture and crack
any foundation.
I sensed, alone, time would not be enough.
If we had, perhaps, something more–
Maybe the warmth of a breath.

 -Garrett Ashe

I hope you guys enjoyed the poem. Next Short Fiction Story coming next Thursday! Something different– I think you guys will like it. I’ll be doing some small posts before then. :)

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The Famished Heart

The Famished Heart

This fucking hole where my heart used to be.
Starved and Emptied.
I fill it with Sadness. But drain it as the tears begin to drown me.
And it’s empty again.
I fill it with Hate. But douse it as the flames begin to melt me.
And it’s empty again.
Empty and Painful.
This fucking hole where my heart used to be.

I need to find a way to fill it with me.

-Garrett Ashe

(Maze in my Mind #2)

Lately I’ve been through a lot of emotional turmoil. This quick poem, written today, is a reflection of some of that pain. Later today, I will post a short story that also plays on the pain of heartache- A story that chronicles the events of a real-life Fairy Tale gone wrong. (The Little Glass Lie)


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