My Living Fiction is a great place to be if you…

  • Enjoy original, creative short stories
  • Enjoy reading, but never have the time to sit down and dig into a long book
  • Enjoy seeing your own input, emotions, and feelings transformed into creative art

This is our reality. These are our minds. This is our fiction.

My Living Fiction Garrett Ashe





My Living Fiction is a blog dedicated to short stories and other expressions of the imagination. Currently, the focus has been on the Novel I am working on– Four Petals, with an excerpt  from the story every Thursday. Although the focus here is Short Fiction Stories, the hope is that you will eventually find real-life anecdotes, personal thoughts, music, random artwork, and other creative contributions from readers. This is about more than words on paper… The goal here is to make My Living Fiction a reflection of the mind, and to grow this blog together.


Garrett Ashe


Name: Garrett
Twitter: @YurBoyG

My name is Garrett, and I am the author of My Living Fiction. I’m a writer with a background in psychology, so naturally I’m passionate about creative thought.  I’ve been writing on-and-off for as long as I remember, so it’s no wonder that I created this blog. The only wonder is that it took me so long.

Like many creative types, I’ve been terrified of putting my work out there for others to see. This is a big step for me. My Living Fiction is a place where I will share my mind, and I want it to be a place where other people feel comfortable sharing theirs as well. We’re in this together, and I’m going to try to incorporate your thoughts and feelings into the content on the blog. Don’t ever hesitate to drop by and let me know what you’re thinking.


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